The free communication tool for negotiating fair outcomes, even in challenging situations
VoteFair Negotiation Tool: The free communication tool for negotiating fair outcomes, even in challenging situations

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This free negotiation tool
produces fair outcomes for
complex (and simple) negotiations.

Beta version!  This software negotiation tool is ready for experimental use, but it is not yet ready to handle critically important negotiation cases.  For details, refer to the disclaimer on any case's Home page.


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FAQ about the VoteFair Negotiation Tool

Q: What can this software negotiation tool do?

A: This tool can be used to negotiate a fair outcome for nearly any situation, even in complex conflicts.  It requires that the participants have a desire to collaborate rather than fight.  The results are truly fair because it uses a sophisticated calculation method to reveal which proposals provide the fairest resolution to the conflict.

Q: What kinds of situations can it handle?

A: This tool can be used to negotiate real-life situations such as: insurance settlements, buyer-seller bargaining, terms of employment, contractor-homeowner disputes, consultant-client contracts, investment contracts, divorce settlements, marriage counseling agreements, inheritance distributions, landlord-tenant contracts, and much more.  Notice that it handles both friendly and hostile situations.

Q: How many participants can it acommodate?

A: It's designed to handle dozens of participants, yet it also can accomodate just two people.

Q: Is it appropriate for making a simple decision?

A: If your “negotiation” just involves choosing one or two “winning” choices based on their popularity, please use the (also-free) VoteFair Ranking tool at

Q: Can I use the tool as a moderator, on behalf of participants communicating by email, or do the participants have to directly participate here?

A: It works both ways.

Q: How does the VoteFair Negotiation Tool work?

A: The best way to find out is to click on one of the demo links.  That enables you to explore a sample case as an observer.

Using this negotiation tool primarily consists of adding proposals and ranking those proposals.  Whenever you want to see the latest suggested resolution, click on the Overall Results tab and the latest results are immediately calculated

As for the calculation method, it's based on VoteFair ranking, which is a voting method explained at and in the book Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections.

Q: How do I start using the VoteFair Negotiation Tool?

A: Just click the Create New Case button.  That immediately sets you up as the administrator of a new case.  For further instructions from within the case, click the Help tab.  It's that simple!

Thank you for using the VoteFair Negotiation Tool!

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